Visit the Guildhouse

You can also visit the bag carrier house in Schiedam.

What does the visit look like?

You will be greeted by actual bag carriers, and after a short explanation in the dice room (Smakbak),
In the diceroom where the work was divided by means of dice, the smacking. Try it yourself!

Then you go to the waiting room, normally only for members of the guild, but for you we make exception. You will see a film about the guild and the guild house. Subtitles may be available in various languages.

Wondering if there are pocket carriers in your ancestry? We have an extensive register  with information about old bag carriers over the centuries.

After the film you will go to the first floor for a visit to the guild room.
Are you interested in what the roof construction and the bell tower look like? Then you can go to the attic. This is only possible if two or more bag carriers are present.

There are two possibilities for visiting the guild house.

  • Open days on Shopping Sunday.

We are open every first Sunday of the month, in the months of April to October. From 12 o'clock to 16 o'clock the bag bearers, in full regalia, show the guild house. Admission is free, but a contribution in the busse  is appreciated. (What is a busse? We are happy to tell you that when you come by)

  • Visit by appointment.

You can always contact us for a visit to the Zakkendragershuis in a group. In consultation we will see if we have people available for a tour. A visit by appointment is subject to costs.

Price per person is € 2.00, but with a minimum of € 10.00. Up to and including 5 people you pay  € 10.00,  above that there is  € 2.00  per person.

We can accommodate up to 15 people at a time. For larger groups, we have to use a second bag carrier and the group is split and the program is adjusted.

On request we sell coffee/tea for € 1.00 per cup. We appreciate the appropriate payment in cash at checkout.

You can make an appointment via our secretary Cees van Giezen.